NSSF Sacco Society

NSSF Sacco was formerly NASSEFU SAVINGS AND CREDIT SOCIETY. It was registered on 20th August 1990 with a membership of about 280 members. Currently, Sacco’s membership has grown to over 7500 members. The Front Office Service Authority (FOSA) began operations in December of 2000 to offer quasi-banking services to NSSF Sacco members. The Sacco was … Read more

Nafaka Sacco Society

Nafaka Sacco is a credit and savings society regulated by the Sacco society regulatory authority under the Sacco society’s Act 2 No.14 of 2008. The Sacco was formed in 1977 and the main objective for its formation was to promote a savings culture among members thereby creating a pool of funds from which members could … Read more

NACICO Sacco Society

NACICO Sacco was established in 1975 thus making it one of the oldest Saccos in Kenya. It was initially founded to serve workers of Nairobi City Council but it has since expanded to serving individuals, business owners and employees from all sectors of the economy. The Sacco has partnered with several organizations among them; Cooperative … Read more

Mwito Sacco Society

Mwito Sacco was registered in the year 1979 under the Co-operative Societies Act Cap 490 laws of Kenya as a limited liability society to mobilize savings thus creating a pool of funds from which affordable credit facilities could be issued to the members. Membership is drawn from employees of Kenya Wildlife and Tourism, the Kenya … Read more

NewForties Sacco Society

NewForties Sacco was formerly Nyeri Teachers’ Sacco and was started in 1976 with a membership of 857 drawn from the teaching fraternity( Primary schools, Secondary schools, and Tertiary institutions). The society has amended its laws to open up membership to include other civil servants all over Kenya and expanded its catchment areas to other countries. … Read more

Solution Sacco Society

Solution Sacco was split from Meru Mwalimu Sacco in 1993. Meru Mwalimu Sacco was formed in 1976 as a cooperative for teachers in Meru district. As of December 2017, Solution Sacco had a total membership of over 16,000 members. These members are drawn from teachers under the Teacher Service Commission (TSC), employees of the TSC … Read more

Ndege Chai Sacco

The Sacco is a fast-growing financial institution that was established and registered in 1978. It is a deposit-taking cooperative society offering members an opportunity to save and access loans at affordable interest rates to improve their economic welfare. It was licensed in 2011 and operates under an open membership bond of association, covering members of … Read more

Nawiri Sacco Society

Nawiri Sacco was started in 1973 as a banking section of the Embu District Cooperative Union. The union used to provide various services to the 27 coffee primary societies within Embu districts. In 1992, the Kenyan Government introduced a law that required unions to transform their banking sections into independent SACCOs and this saw the … Read more

Nation Dt Sacco Society

Nation Sacco Society was registered on September 15th, 1975 with the main purpose of allowing its members to accumulate savings and thereafter provide them with credit facilities at low and fair interest rates to improve their well-being. The core values that guide the operations of the Sacco are Trust Teamwork Customer excellence Integrity Nation Sacco … Read more

Mentor Sacco Society

Mentor Sacco was started in 1977. It accommodates membership from civil servants, disciplined forces, local authorities, NGOs, local authorities, National and county governments, private companies among others. The Sacco’s guiding principle is to establish dignity to its members by ensuring value to products and services offered. The core values that guide the Sacco in all … Read more