Aberdare Medical Centre, Kangari

Aberdare Medical Centre is a healthcare facility located in Kangari, Murang’a County, Kenya. This medical clinic serves the community with a focus on providing essential medical services.

Registration Details

Here are some registration details and key information about Aberdare Medical Centre:

  • Facility Name: Aberdare Medical Centre
  • Registration Number: 005561
  • Postal Address: P.O BOX 140-10218 KANGARI
  • Facility Type: Medical Clinic
  • Facility Level: LEVEL 2
  • Bed Capacity: 0
  • Plot Number: 4296 KANGARI- KANGARI
  • County: MURANG’A
  • Licence Number: 611704

Aberdare Medical Centre, situated in Kangari, plays a vital role in providing medical care and services to the local community within Murang’a County.

While it may not have inpatient facilities with beds, it serves as an essential medical clinic, likely offering outpatient services, consultations, and medical treatments to the residents in its vicinity.

Please note that the information provided is based on the available registration details, and for specific services and offerings, it is advisable to contact the medical center directly or refer to their official sources for the most up-to-date information.