Mobile Loans In Kenya

Access to credit has taken a huge boost in Kenya with the introduction of mobile loans. All you need to have is a mobile phone that is registered with a service provider, be over 18years old and be creditworthy. Data from the central bank of Kenya show that the number of Kenyans borrowing mobile loans … Read more

How to buy airtime with Fuliza?

As the importance of Fuliza has risen significantly, the overdraft facility has evolved from being a shopper’s facility to being a backbone short-term credit facility that is supporting Kenyans in diverse fields. Fuliza enables one to access credit facilities beyond their Mpesa wallet balances. This has enabled people of all walks of life from mama … Read more

M-Pesa Transaction Charges

M-Pesa is the revolutionary cashless system that enables sending and receiving of money. M-pesa has changed the way Kenyans do business. When you send money, you will be charged a fee. M-Pesa charges depend on the amount you send or withdraw. To buy airtime with M-Pesa, you just need to select it from your menu … Read more

M-Pesa Impact On The Kenyan Society

M=pesa Statement

M-pesa is an innovative technology that enables one to send and receive money from virtual wallets through the SIM card. More than a money transfer innovation, M-pesa is payments solution provider, financing solution provider as well as a banking solution to millions of Kenyans. As of the end of 2021, there were some 50million registered … Read more

M-pesa Paybill Charges

Mpesa paybill Number

Safaricom has M-pesa has made buying and selling goods easy through the paybill numbers. Paybill number is a special ID provided by Safaricom such that once you enter the number when making the payment, the money is sent to the digital wallet of the vendor and they receive money. One advantage of using paybill numbers … Read more

How To Apply For Zenka Loan

Zenka Finance Limited is a digital credit provider that specializes in consumer lending specializing on mobile loans through the Zenka loan app. Zenka app uses the data that you fill in during the application and Zenka algorithms to identify you, verify your identity, assess your creditworthiness, credit risk, create a credit score for you and … Read more

Adventist Sacco Paybill Number

Adventist Sacco is one of the leading Saccos in the country. It was started in 1988 to cater to members of the SDA church central Kenya conference. In 1990, they expanded their membership to all SDA church employees country-wide and later in 2009, to the entire SDA church membership in the country. Like Waumini Sacco, … Read more

Why Are Sacco Loans More Preferred Than Bank Loans?

Kenya is one of the leading countries in Africa with a strong and vibrant Cooperative movement. Saccos in Kenya have mobilized over 622billion shillings in savings with almost 1.2 trillion shillings in loans. Sacco members have a greater preference for Sacco loans over bank loans for the following reasons: 1. Flexibility In Loan Acquisition Most … Read more

What Is Fuliza?

Fuliza Logo

Fuliza is an overdraft facility offered by the telecommunication company Safaricom to its Mpesa users. Every registered Mpesa line is eligible for Fuliza facility. Fuliza is a Swahili word that translates to mean Doing something continuously, Doing something uninterrupted or Keeping doing something The concept behind Fuliza is to enable Mpesa subscribers to continue doing … Read more