How To Pay For Netflix In Kenya 

In Kenya and other countries around the world, Netflix is one of the video streaming services with the quickest growth. Due to the accessibility of low-cost internet services, its viewership has been rapidly increasing over the past few years across the nation.

The streaming service has also been providing Kenyan users with reasonable packages that are worth trying. However, the lack of a direct payment method has made it difficult for many of its consumers to pay for its services. Do you count among those who have had trouble figuring out how to pay for Netflix services?

The majority of services are paid for by M-Pesa, Airtel Money, and T-Kash for a sizeable portion of the Kenyan populace. Because of this, a lot of them would adore having a payment choice that enables them to renew their subscriptions using at least one mobile banking alternative.

Without the typical mobile phone-based money transfer services, what are the best ways to pay for Netflix? The good news is that you can accomplish it from the comfort of your house using a few strategies.

Overall, all you require is a PayPal account, an internet connection, and your subscription money.

Available Methods For Paying Netflix

Credit or debit cards are the only forms of payment accepted by Netflix in Kenya. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express are typically accepted. Because M-Pesa has a Visa brand, PayPal users can make payments without hassle utilizing it.

Can I Use M-Pesa To Pay For Netflix?

Yes, M-Pesa may be used to pay for Netflix streaming services. However, the procedure is not simple; a direct payment method, such as Lipa na M-Pesa, is not yet available. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to pay for Netflix with PayPal via M-Pesa in the interim:

1. Open A Paypal Account If You Don’t Already Have One:

A PayPal account may be created in under two minutes. Find the official PayPal page in your search bar to sign up for a free account. For simple verification, make sure the account has the same name as your M-Pesa account. Review of the L-Pesa app: Registration, billing, borrowing, and repayment

2. Connect Your M-Pesa To Your Paypal Account:

To connect the account, visit PayPal Money Service. If the account has already been liked, there is no need for concern. Observe the steps that are given on the website.

3. Add Money To Your Paypal Balance:

Use the Pay Bill Number 800088 to deposit funds into the PayPal account with M-Pesa. Your account number should be your M-Pesa number. Make sure the deposit you make is equal to the price of the package you want.

4. Update Your Account Information

To create a payment schedule, sign in to your account. Fill out the sections on the credit option form with the precise data that appears on your card. Your first and last name, card number, expiration date, and security code are the specific information that is required here (CVV).

Navigate to “Account” and then “Update payment info” before selecting PayPal. After entering your email address, click “Next” to see additional instructions before finishing the Netflix payment update procedure by clicking “Agree & Continue.” VIEW ALSO Amazing how-to manual for Glovers

5. Complete Payment

Once the email is configured, money will be automatically taken out of your PayPal account. Your viewership plan will determine the deduction amount.

In general, paying for Netflix online is as simple as it has been described above. What alternative methods of payment are there for Netflix? Right now, credit cards are the sole payment method accepted for its services. Some people use gift cards to pay.

There is no substitute for Netflix’s website. There is no need to try anything else as a result. Anyone offering an alternative is probably just trying to con you.

Cost of Netflix bundles in Kenya

Knowing how to pay for the services now may make you curious about how much the packages will cost. Three packages are available from Netflix to customers:

  • Basic (Kes700),
  • Standard (Kes950), and
  • Premium (Kes1500) (Kes1,200).

Each plan’s cost is determined by a number of variables, including the quality of the video and the number of devices that may stream material simultaneously.

Therefore, even though all viewers will still receive the same unrestricted content, a higher bundle is definitely the best. On Netflix, you can watch your favorite TV shows, motion pictures, and documentaries with little to no interruption.

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